Teen Says He Wants Dr. Phil To Change His Family’s Views On Marijuana

A teen who admits to smoking marijuana every day says he wants Dr. Phil to change his family’s views on it. His mother acknowledges enabling him. Dr. Phil …


  1. I went to the same high school as this kid, I never knew him because I’m a few years older than him. However, my mom also teaches there and had Dominique as a student the first semester of his junior year before he dropped out. Apparently he did pretty well in her class, but after his kid was born he started missing school and having problems with his girlfriend a lot and ended up getting a job, so he had to juggle basketball, school, a job, and a kid at 16. She said all the problems started after his kid was born. Who knows, maybe he started smoking weed to relieve his stress and then got into dealing to provide money for his kid. He’s a lot worse off than he was when my mom taught him, so I hope he gets help and turns his life around.

  2. Marijuana is non habit forming. And I’m sorry but for a non medical “doctor” to say he is an addict is irresponsible and dumb. The kid is trying to be a tough guy and sell it and handle a weapon is illegal but it’s the greed not the weed that’s habit forming.

  3. What does shaming and humiliating a kid on national television have to do with mental health and therapy? This show is supposed to be about mental health and therapy, how is shaming and humiliating a troubled teenager on national television supposed to be therapeutic for him?

  4. His dads probably not in his life… shocker, and because of that it affects him a lot and probably a bunch of other things so he uses marijuana to numb himself. And for those saying weed isn’t a danger… it literally is. He’s young he shouldn’t be smoking his brain is still developing and weed can effect the development. People say weed isn’t bad but they really don’t know the long term effects that surely comes with it.

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