Templeton Cannabis Establishment Community Outreach meeting of June 4, 2019

Agenda: 1. General Intro & Discussion on the Cannabis Statute 2. Public hearing on the proposed retail marijuana facility behind the Valley Florist at 1 Valley …


  1. The real money is investment of industrial uses , This now legal in every state federally The 3% cannabis can not be seen as any different ,s as plants are virtually the SAME OTHER THEN , 3% DELTA 9 THC LEVEL , All paper products this bio gradable including books , bags , containers for all plastic products , The roots have medical properties for digestion , cannabis oils for paints , creams , milk , The herds will advance the world in replacement of fibers for uses in building materials , Cars, plywood, homes , flooring , composites / cement products / fibrosis covers in computer industry , even light weight products for space . never even touching the medical many uses too the simple benefit of rotation of corps in the farmer fields using cannabis which will produce natural soil insecticide protection and the all important N all organically … one only need 5 ac and apply for seeds .. and the song birds will return for seeds

  2. Federal government question ? there are 29 states which have come to realize cannabis

    Cannabis continue to be cash cow for government , Legalization has not come to Massachusetts, Frankly the illusion is disturbing along with many Hippocrates who interest is to support taxation outside cause of liberty , This is why citizen voted to legalize in word , which now is nothing more then regulation . treated cannabis is like its some kind of radioactive element not to be trusted in hands of many … . What we had in our petition has been rewritten to suit such regulation , MPP petition was long awaited need address not cannabis for industrial use ( this where the money really is for environment needs ) The making state law by regulation is step in right direction , Considering , what has just happen in last few months in states of CO. and Calf , Federal law-enforcement with help of prohibitionist state actors law -enforcement have attack , Arresting and Forfeiture of properties and imprisoning This so called legalization of cannabis , Federal agents May decide to enforce its mala prohibita law at any time . so its is written , ( In Law ) These reasoning makes this citizen so very concern about the real conspiracy , held not in truth of cannabis agriculture , but its continuing history in profit and process and not renewable natural resource provide by plant w/seeds , to sow


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