1. Just FYI for the guys who don't know this but "strongest strains" is utter bs. this is relative thc% for each strain if cured PROPER/ last year we had ghost train haze and others which weren't that powerful , just in numbers. Today we have different list. and you know what? i tried 80%+ of them and most of them are just… meh.. I have a high tolerance but sometimes 17% thc strains like Sour OG packs more of a euphoric punch than those ones. it's all about how your body's UNIQUE chemistry reacts to the cannabinoids. You could smoke the same strain (lets say straw cough). you'd feel hazy and relaxed while your counterpart would feel energetic and uplifted. Today you can get a dime a dozen of those 30%+ strains but you know what? none satisfied me the way certain strains I KNOW will based on genetics.

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