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    The TURKISH attack on the KURD'S in North eastern SYRIA will be TURKEY'S "un-doing".  As SYRIA, being the "Wounded Head" (Nation) discussed in Rev.13:3, of the Four Nation Revived GRECIAN EMPIRE, ( Dan.8:21-23 and Rev.17:8-12, read it in the KJV ) …. consisting of SYRIA, TURKEY, GREECE,( Macedon ) and EGYPT, ( Dan.8;21-23 )…and including the SIX Nations mentioned in Dan.7:1-7, and confirmed in Rev.13:1-3, as a "latter day" Fulfillment, consisting
    of ENGLAND, ( the Lion )  RUSSIA,  ( the Bear )  and IRAN, IRAQ, KUWAIT, and SAUDI-ARABIA,
    ( which are represented by the Four-Headed LEOPARD ) as all four of these were part of, and Signees to the OPEC BLOCK Contract of 1961. Thus being part of the oil cartel domination of World Petroleum, and the Political clout that that entails, in the "mare-up"  of this "New World Order" ANTICHRIST SYSTEM of World Control !!

    The scriptures describe in Rev.13:3, that SYRIA as the "Wounded Head" Nation, will Miraculously be "healed", and this is now a Reality, as SYRIA'S CIVIL WAR began in mid March of 2011, and has Completed more that EIGHT YEARS,
    In biblical Prophecy the number EIGHT has TWO meanings, the First:  COMPLETION,…. the Second: NEW BEGINNINGS.
    As Such we are now going to see SYRIA and the KURDISH Fighters Joining Forces, and Run the TURKISH Army out of SYRIA,  in fulfillment of the prophecy of Dan.7:8, which describes that THREE of the FOUR nations that make-up the Revived GRECIAN Empire in the "Latter Days",  ( namely EGYPT, GREECE, TURKEY ) will have their Ruling Authority being Removed,
    by it being "Plucked-Up by the Roots".

    The First one of these THREE,  seems possibly to be  TURKEY, in this now begun Conflict this past week with SYRIA….which the Bible describes as the "Head Nation" of the REVIVED GRECIAN EMPIRE, as per Dan.8:22-23.  and Rev.17:8-11.  ( KJV )

    All this exposing and debunking the decades long FALSE teachings of a "REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE" Theory.    As such SYRIA will now Rise-up as a "HEALED" nation, and become the "Superpower" of the Middle East, No doubt rebuilding its "Bombed-Out" buildings in the cities of DAMASCUS, ALEPPO, HOMS,  etc.
    What is more, is that this will prove that the False prophecy teachers of our day , such as BILL SALUS, and others, who have falsely propagated that the SYRIAN CIVIL WAR is a fulfillment of Ps.83 and Isa.17, ( which is absolutely ABSURD,  as any Theologian as myself, worth his/her salt, know for a certainty that those two passages concern the END-TIME Battle of Armageddon ! ) 
    And these 'Pseudo Prophecy' Guru's like BILL SALUS , and their Collaborating Christian Media 'Gate-Keepers' like GARY STEARMAN, of "PROPHECY WATCHERS",  SID ROTH, of "IT'S SUPERNATURAL",  PAT ROBERTSON of "THE 700 CLUB", JIM BAKKER, of  "THE JIM BAKKER SHOW",  JOHN ANKERBERG of "THE JOHN ANKERBERG SHOW",  DAVID REAGAN, of "LAMB
    and LION MINISTRIES",  STEVE STRANG of "CHARISMA MAGAZINE",  and others, who have intentionally blocked me from being on their Shows, concerning their FALSE presentations on ESCHATOLOGY and END-TIME PROPHECY, will now have to acknowledge their ERRORS, when These my Predictions Finally come to pass, shortly !!
    Hopefully, the Christian Audience that read this Prophetic Update, will demand that these Charlatan Gatekeepers have me on their shows to discuss these and other issues !!!

    Morgan Sorensen  ( Biblical Theologian )

  3. Whats the real truth over there in Turkey/Syria? We are not the world police. Is this what the UN should b doing? Speak against Trump 700 club? I'm sure he knows more than you about this situation.

  4. Pat my pain for the mentally ill homeless. I want to help !!! I have bipolar. For decades now I did go to the hospital and my family prays for me. Lord Bless them all who are hurting .

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