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  2. This is exactly what Pat Illuminati and church all reliogion going to see for there injust con . You will see a sea of selfs never knowing self stranger to selfves never sea way you idiots guessed wrong . Jesus said threw eye only way to the FATHER . The FATHER said without doubt must see eyes just true beauty path be known to the . Jesus obviously would of known born again threw eyes seeing truth the first time . Collection time a coming Pat you owe huge debt intrust on each injust 33.5% on each one Pat and friends

  3. Christian 700 Hundred Dollar Club. The teacher or pastor At One time it was Lord help me to make some more money. Then In Name of Jesus we have to make more money . Help them Jesus to help us with more money. Jesus helped with his giving life . Give to Caesar what is Caesar what is caesar . Now who wanted the donation or what book.

  4. We all, at one point or another, have to make sacrifices for the good of all. What's happened to this farmer, all of us will experience at some level, if we live long enough. Few have a smooth life, all throughout. Hope things get back to normal soon for him.

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