The Best Trimmer Line | Echo Black Diamond Vs Oregon Trimmer Line

What is the best trimmer line out right now? I have used a ton of different trimmer line types over the years, and right now, I’m going with ECHO’s Black Diamond …


  1. I use a echo 2620 and i dont use a guard i can get like a 3 foot span when doing our residential and i can weed eat out whole inside corners in like 3 seconds with the diamond line shit rocks makes weed eating super easy I go around a pole infront of the mower and don't have to flatline so far out only gota go around once cause the span is so frikken big!!!

  2. hey guess what guys the echo new and improved is .010 thicker than the rotary vortex .095 line and look!!!! no vids showing a comparison of echo black diamond vs the rotary vortex why? because the vortex kicks the crap out of the black diamond!!!

  3. You're exactly right about the Echo Black Diamond thickness. The line appears to be thinner than other brands like Shakespeare Ugly Line and Oregon Gatorline.

  4. Bryan, check out the Stihl CF3 Pro line. Got a video on my channel on it if you want to check it it out. I swear by it! It’s awesome and you can get it in the 5lb spools. It does costs more though.

  5. I've been using Stihl X -line and it is some very tough stuff. I prefer it over Black Diamond and Oregon. Stihl CF3 Pro is supposedly the ultimate trimmer line on the market. But unfortunately it has yet to become available in a 3 lb or 5 lb spool.

  6. I have been using both the BD and the gator Oregon. Funny you picked those two. I personally like the Oregon better though I agree the BD is better at trimming grass. I think the Oregon is better at edging. Disappointed that there isn't a .8 for the gator but I think I understand why. I do a ton of edging so I vote gator.

  7. Fuck how much i love that trailer, lol, the way is set up is so much professional then 90% of people out keep on talking and all i can do is looking at it 😂, how many lawn and customers do i need to buy one like that with that awesome ride on lawn mower you got ?? 👍

  8. I’ve been using the black diamond since it first came out. The .105 is what I use and same opinion as yours. Thing I noticed is it cuts on the first pass most the time. Even on heavy thick stuff, it will demolish more in on pass versus any other weedeater line. I’ve used all sorts of line out there from craftsman to Troy built to stihl and echo and black diamond is the best!

  9. Hands on experience the last few days, and I got to say honestly this echo black diamond is a waste of money, I went though a whole spool on my weed eater in no time kept just breaking, it might be ok to use if your just going to cut butter are something like that, but it sure will not hold up here on the banks i have to weed eat off. So put my cheap line back on and finished all the banks without having to change the spool

  10. Been running echo black diamond for yards and such and the oregon titanium square line for edging and heavy knock down and against chain link. Love the shindaiwa t344 though it's a beast

  11. Does the echo black diamond wear down pretty quickly along cement walls? Does it wear down while edging sidewalks? i have quite a few yards that has cement or big rocks around gardens even what about chainlink fencing? i have a bunch of yards with that. what is your best thought of which trimmer line to go with. i am currently using the echo .105 crossfire i love that stuff i don't go through so much line it lasts quite a long time unless I'm up against rocks or stuff that tears the line quickly but just trimming around trees and edging its awesome stuff. i have a lawn care business in pratt, ks and been doing it for 13 years learned quite bit on differences of trimmer line which is better in the environments that I'm around.

  12. Ran it for 5 minutes… took it all back to the dealer. Shreds faster than anything I have ever run. Zero reason to run a separate machine just so you can bump up against concrete or rocks etc.

  13. I bought black diamond .105 one time from last years do not like it at all. Wayy to thin and very fragile. You should try out LoNoiz .105 square twist line. May cost more but higher quality and thicker lines or you can get cyclone .105. Both of them made from same company…. cyclone is alittle cheaper but not twist line just stars shape. Black Vortex .105 is ok and still did a lot better than black diamonds echo .105. PROFESSIONAL XTREME TRIMMER .105 is most expensive to buy if you wanna 3 lbs of it and it not the best for do grasses. It the thickest as it feel like 110 to 130 even know it said .105 plus it bulky. Hard on engine, not recommended to buy it.

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