The big issues of the 2019 Texas Legislature: Marijuana

American-Statesman reporter Bob Sechler breaks down the marijuana issue that lawmakers will face this session.


  1. Passing a Texas MMJ law with anything over .05 percent THC content and available to those of us who suffer from severe pain will NEVER happen in Texas, We Texans enjoy watching others suffer then swoop in to pick over the assets of the deceased for profit. The sooner these sick people die or blow their brains out, the sooner Texans can liquidate the assets into cash , just ask the states Real Estate Agents, Banks, Churches Funeral industries….etc . I know, I suffer from severe pain from being crushed by a drunk driver. Triple A, Pancreatic Cancer, Severe Arthritis Degenerative Joint Disease, Diabetic Nerve Pain ,,,,etc and I cant get a prescription for a drug :Cannabis: that does miracles for my health problems. But, they will load me up with drugs that will destroy my kidneys, liver, and cause an early death. Compassion in Texas, Your kidding me, Its Cash before Compassion. That's what rules the Texas politicians, the Lone Star Christians, Businessman and other self righteous Texans, So keep on deluding yourselves

    Ben McClure

    P.S. Don't offer to pray for me, Keep your hypocrisy to yourselves!

  2. I know how to pay for the Wall. Looks like it's built in panels. Sell the panels. If someone buys a piece of The Wall, put that person's name on the piece they buy. 20 year retired government employee here. Name parts of the wall from the citizens that pay for it. READ THIS AND DO IT!

  3. Legalize it. Recreationally. Sick of the old stereotypes and stigmas (old lies!)… marijuana is a GOOD THING for adults 21 and older. Healthier and better for the brain than alcohol… and won't give u cancer like other forms of smoking.

  4. They ain't gonna legalize cannabis in Texas for a long time. My Texan brothers and sisters, just keep buying it the way we've done and our parents are did, and still do. Illegally! Our grandparents grew it. Texans are proud people. If we gotta be outlaws, cool. Fuck the law! Woohoo! One more thing. If you use and/ or make meth, get a gun and shoot yourself in the face. To hell with meth head's.

  5. Gonna say it again. If I wanted to get high tonight, I would go get a bag and get higher than a Georgia pine. Illegally. FUCK the law ! That's Texas. Has anyone had a problem buying weed?

  6. All texans need to start getting active. The majority of us WANT THIS, and not some half measure, it should be legal on every level, medicinally, and recreationally full stop, taxed and regulated. This will bring millions of jobs for the regular texans like myself. Vote all of the frauds out, who have financial interests in continuing these old drug war laws and ideologies.

  7. I don’t understand why the “small government, big capitalist” republicans are still voting against this. This would be absolutely great for our economy. Not only that but it’s absolutely awful that government bullies can tell me I can’t use natural plants to medicate myself if I want.

    Texas should’ve been working on this such a long time ago

  8. Texas it's time for legalized cannabis medical is crucial if they don't get it done this year it will be another two years before Texas gets another chance we need to get rid of the obstacles the 80 year old law makers and the governor is a problem if we keep electing officials who don't have Texans and Texas best interest at heart were going to keep having this problem

  9. You can also sue a cop for Civil Rights for asking if you have marijuana, because it is not a english word. It is a felony charge for police who don't speak english. Hemp is the english word for the plant.

  10. You Texans are going to get fucked over. First decriminalization is fraud, because 4th charge you get a Class C misdeminor. And all epilepsy is a chronic illness or intractable. Then one bill allows medical patients to grow, but might have to take 2 pharma meds first before becoming a medical patient. Then right now CBD oil is a concentrate and 20 years in prison for possession. What will happen is class action law suits. Texas will get sued to enforce federal laws in Texas for legal CBD and hemp. But CBD possession is legal on a federal level, so Texans can sue the state for CBD possession, and hemp possession.

  11. CBD is like buying one sock, going fishing in a tournament with a cane pole, going to the prom with your cousin, the part of underwear your supposed to pee through, buying a huge flat screen television that's a black and white, going to six flags to ride the merry go round….?

  12. Please legalize! Or not. When I want to get stoned, I just walk a couple blocks. Texas should legalize cannabis. It most likely keep people here from shooting each other. I can carry my guns everywhere, but not a harmless plant.

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