1. When those ducks were killed by coyotes, they should have immediately stationed 2 Maremmas or Great Pyrs there. They would have taken care of the problem. Disappointed they didn't do that. Poor ducks.

  2. When I saw this documentary this past spring, they mentioned resources for teachers to use. Does anyone know where to find these resources? LOVE this documentary. Excellent example of symbiotic relationships.

  3. I hope this film will plant the seeds of change in the farming industry and we can start doing what is best for all living things and our planet. What a beautiful film! Imagine the possibilities for the entire planet and what it would be like.

  4. I love the fact they have a farm filled with beautiful animals. Yet hate the fact, they were selling them 🙁 and those poor coyotes!! The circle of wild life to wild life, just let them do their thing. However, the message was beautiful!

  5. Pump that scummy pond water up onto the shore and collect a pile of that green crap in the water will go back to the pond and you could even put bales of straw next to it so that they at least take all the solids out … & give it a bunch of air …- use solar and put air stones going into that pond where it feeds it air

  6. Underneath many deserts
    areas are incredible rivers that we could tap and use to create more arable land that is producing crayfish .. perch Bluegills ..& if we don’t allow that water to be absorbed by the land .. and we filter and clean it and reuse it.. in aquaponic Greenhouse‘s… if we pretend we are living on Mars and contain that water… and maintain humidity levels etc. we can grow food, all year-round ..

    with using 8 foot deep long run underground air tube systems that absorb the warm air underground and bring it back to greenhouse at least 52° 😉and this allows you to warm up a greenhouse while it’s 0° outside…

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