1. Yeh its really bad in Queensland i haven't seen the proper weed in a long time.
    Not worth buying, criminals dont give a shit when it gives u cancer.
    Thats why i stopped smoking weed completely.

  2. I'm so sick of this fucking shit, been fucking ripped off so many times cause I can't find a proper dealer who actually gives a shit and have to meet shady blokes out in public or some shit so you can't tell what you're buying. Fucking dog cunts. If you read this and you sell PGR I hope you get cancer, cunt.

  3. You should definitely be more specific since what you're talking about are synthetic PGR's (which I agree are terrible). But there are plenty of natural PGR's as well like kelp and even sprouted popcorn. In my opinion people shouldn't use synthetic anything but that's a whole other story

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