The June 2019 Live Q&A with Saskia

Saskia does a QandA once a month and for about 1.5 hrs and connects with guinea pig fans all over the world to answer guinea pig questions from everything to …


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  2. Update. I’m taking my guinea pigs to the vet on Saturday

    Can you give me a link to a safe dandruff shampoo for my guinea pig??

    Also thank you again for all the advice it means a lot. I still might have my dad call the vet. But I definitely feel a lot more relieved knowing it might just be dry skin and not something super serious and life threatening. Thank you

  3. You might have answered it but I missed it. What brand of Timothy pellets do you recommend? So many have everything but the kitchen sink in them.

    Love the page and thanks in advance!

  4. Pregnancy signs, get a starter weight on piggy and check a few times a week. A steady weight gain can indicate a piggy is pregnant. Also a higher water intake…love your videos! 🌸🐾🌸

  5. Thanks from me and Philip for answering my question at 1:08:05! 🙂 He's 3 years old, so I might consult with the vet for how risky and/or complicated a neuter would be. In the meantime, he's going to move into a 2×4 or 2×5 C&C next to Casper and Caesar so he can see them through the grids and still socialize that way.

  6. UPDATE: I’m taking my guinea pigs to the vet on Saturday

    Thank you for giving me advice with my guinea pig.

    I would also like to add that she did have dandruff. (I did check for lice and bugs. And didn’t see anything) And she is will only one other guinea pig. She has never been by my dogs.I clean their change once a week. I use wood bedding (aspen). So do you think I could just use a The dandruff shampoo?? Or would you still recommend the levetine (Sorry if I spelled it wrong). I would just like to make sure I don’t give her unnecessary medication.

  7. Saskia, have you had much success with spaying older females that had reproductive issues? I had a 4 year old girl who had a uterine tumor and didnt recover post spay surgery. Maybe a video on post surgery care would be interesting?


    My almost one year old guinea pig (two months away from being a year old) has a very small patch of fur missing. There is still hair there. But it’s a bit thinner. She lost about 20kg. But I know them losing weight isn’t a super big deal. I want to take them to the vet. But I also don’t want to go if it’s not a big deal. Because I don’t want to go to the vet and spend money and be told “it’s nothing to worry about”. I’m going to wait a week and check her weight to see if it goes down anymore. And Im going to keep an eye on her fur and stuff. But I would really appreciate any help.

  9. Hi from Pennsylvania, Sweet Saskia
    My daughter adopted three Guinney piggies and they are so adorable but the last one she got two days ago. Her name is Maylee and she is so calm that it kind of scares me because I think that maybe something is wrong that I don’t know about. She is a baby maybe two or three weeks old and her back two legs seems very thin. She is so gentle . Should I worry because even when we pick her up she barely moves and makes no sound. She’s like either very scared or shy. Please advise me. I did ordered the vitamin c with the syringes from amazon last night. What else can you advice me? I’m a worried guinney grandma 😔
    How can I send you a picture?

  10. Hi, I badly need an advice… my guinea pig have one very wobbly bottom incisor, he is eating but i have feeling it is painful for him. What should i do, should i pull that tooth out with tweezers or just let it fall out by itself ? Also i'm afraid that he may swallow that tooth accidentally. I have to point out that his upper incisors are very short (5mm) and bottom incisors are kinda long (1cm) and also his mouth ceiling is a bit swollen, i guess because long bottom tooth irritate it. Every advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

  11. Hello this is Ava with my guinea coco again he is still alone but we got him a new 47 inch Midwest cage but tonight he started making this chirping noise like a bird but was wondering of you can please tell me why he might of done that and thank you so much 😊

  12. Aspen is sold in the US. It might not be as absorbent or cheap as pine? Can’t recall. I prefer SoPhresh softwood bedding in bulk & Costco Kirkland puppy pads. I let hundreds of dollars in fleece go to the garbage. Too much laundry for a family.

  13. I used Lixit wide mouth bottles since they don’t leak for me. If I don’t have a bottle brush handy, I can still shove 1-2 pieces of dampened paper towels in & w/ a dot of soap & the end of a spatula, I can scrub the inside of the bottle & still get the paper towel out.

  14. If you are unlucky like me with outdoor piggies. With dogs, cats and wildlife around and your piggies get Sarcoptic Mites, I have found that 'Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil' heals any and all sores within 24-48hours. It is better than any cream from the Vet and it doesn't irritate or sting when applied to raw wounds on your piggys' skin. I use a vet prescribed pain relief.

  15. All the hard work you guys do is absolutely brilliant. It's a shame animal care is underappreciated and pets are still treated as objects in some families and countries. Keep up the awesome work!

  16. Saskia, with sharp edged mind,
    Your knowledge is the endless kind
    Surprising what compassions find
    We'll never have you left behind!

    Wish i'd been here, had an unexpected trip to emergency, im out, on recovery. This video…repairs me, amazingly fast paced. So much knowledge, we can feed all day. You all bounce off each other, such energy. You all amaze me. My heart thanks you for such joy 😌💜💜💕

  17. To the licking question, Saskia you're right in most cases. However there are some pigs I have had that lick for affection. My piggie Daisy will climb up to my face when I am laying down and she will lick my lips giving me kisses. I'm positive she not licking for salt or flavor like as if I just ate something because it's usually when I haven't eaten. She will also lick me after I have pet her making her purr. She usually licks after purring to get me to pet her again
    Kind of like saying thank you or please do it again. Daisy will also someones press her mouth against mine like human kisses. I have another piggie that will lick you after you make her purr too but only one or two licks for a quick show off appreciation or affection. I have had pigs that will lick you repeatedly, those I'm sure are for salt.

  18. I missed this live stream because I had no idea you were going to do it. It's it possible to do a video the day before a live stream and at the end say or list when you are going to do live streams. I've honestly missed every live stream this channel has done.

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