The Looming Cost of Marijuana Legalization | NBC4 I-Team

The cannabis craze has caught fire across the country, with ten states already passing recreational marijuana laws. Now, with legalization on the horizon for the …


  1. If they would legalize it federally they wouldn’t have this problem .. there wouldn’t be a black market for it . I don’t smoke but take the money away from the ones wanting to do it illegally . It’s really simple ..

  2. All y’all doing is taking people from there families regardless of how many plants they have these laws are dumb what make you think you can tell somebody how much plants to have shit sound dumb

  3. It's always negative publicly that marijuana gets how about doing stories on how marijuana has saved thosands of people's lives that got off opioids because the marijuana is much better for you it doesn't kill you it's alot safer for everyone

  4. There should be zero procecutions, grow or smoke what you like…"freedom".This is garbage news. They want the leaverage to incarcerate more people so they can make money off suffering. States,counties,and the federal gov all subsidize incarceration. So creeps want to cash in on that taxpayer money.

  5. I side with legalize and release all the non violent (Beings) That this oppressive system has detained. The meaning of Non Violent?? Was the Violence Caused Due to Arrest, or Fear of Arrest?? Many Cases need Review!! Reduce the Population of These Degrading, Violent , Schools Teaching How to Harm and Hate and Discriminate!!! ((PRISONS)) How many families has this law destroyed? How many have lost homes, careers, vehicles, land Lives destroyed?? How many billions of the peoples tax dollars have been spent on another War?? What about the gang violence??
    Just look what it cost YOU THE TAX PAYER!!! 30,000 Dollars per Year 3 in a Cell that is 7 feet by 10 feet = 90,000 Per Cell Each YEAR!!! They are not eating steaks or sleeping on a certa!!! Concrete bed with a 2 inch mat!!! Fighting for their lives and being treated like animals!!!!! WHO MADE THESE LAWS!!!!!!!
    It is not you and I who make these laws!!
    The Corporations PAY Lobbyist who in turn Buy Favors ((BRIBE)) their friends !!!
    I do not see people drinking Gasoline or Eating Poison? No Jail Time no Crime??
    WHO PROFITS?? Do you own STOCK in this SYSTEM!!! You ARE !!!
    WHO PAYS??? EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If it's recreational it's no longer classified as a drug because drugs are not recreational, so that's like someone telling you how many tomatoes you can grow flood the markets with cheap weed because everyone is growing it and boom it now is not worth growing to sell it and you knocked off half the war on drugs in one year

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