The Marijuana Cartridge Epidemic

By doing a few weeks of research I have gathered facts to argue my stance on these marijuana cartridges. My name is Stretch Rants Im a commentary youtuber …


  1. just buy dimes and problem solved. best oil on the market, best cart on the market, no question. they cost too much and are too unique for the chinese to duplicate on the black market. i just spend the extra money for the peace of mind. no matter how much i vape im satisfied in knowing the vapor is absolutely pure and 8 to 10 solid hits off a dime cart usually does it for me, after that, i am high. and ive been smoking hourly for 20 + years.

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  4. i smoke cigarettes worrying about health ain't a big thing for me. i never had any of these side effects from these black market carts except dank vapes. it gave me bad diarrhea and now i dont smoke them anymore. I still buy black market carts but i buy a brand that i trust from the same plug. i never had any pesticide side effects from them. i been smoking them every couple of days for about a year i feel fine.

  5. Yo I thank u for the info but in the video they said medical marijuana that means raw or oil so any one is not safe so stop say oil is dangerous cuz raw weed is dangerous too

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