1. DC-The Bush Mane- Advocate the Bush.
    1 Women who shave the Bush. The Bush is Mother Nature's gift Protector from Parasites.
    2.The Bush that grows amongst the Seeds of Rejected Ones Thats UNSTOPABLE-Mari(juana) the Plant&The Product of Mary, The Christwas it Mary the mas or Merry the mess.
    Marijuana is Wisdom. It is so unwise that alcohol is legal and marijuana is illegal. This also causes a division between the marijuana smokers and non-smokers. The non-smokers see the other Natural health benefits that you put in life, but choose not to follow the example just because of a plant. I'm like, if weed is illegal, alcohol should be illegal. Alcohol is legal across the board, so should marijuana. True story, one time I had a big lump of mucus clogging my chest, barely could breathe taking short breaths. Took one good toke of some of the best, then immediately coughed up a golf ball size lump of mucus, then felt like a newborn baby taking breath for the first time. Thanks for the 411.

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