The Rove Brand Vape Pen Instructional Video

We are all about helping anyone and everyone so we have created a tutorial for our patients and whoever needs it to show you how to use your new ROVE …


  1. Yessir thank u man! Jus bought the rove pen from a dispensary here in vegas .thought it was defective when it wasnt turning on but turns out it's perfect y'all!P.S appreciate the reggae music too at the end ,coming from a caribbean guy🙌🙌

  2. Since someone asked about going on a plane with a vape….TSA rules say please keep the charger on you for carry on, not in your check in luggage. They believe there is more of a possible of an explosion with the charger in cargo, than in the area we sit in. I put cartridge in my check in luggage, or if no check in bags, I keep cartridge in one thing and charger in another. Basically, it seems like they don't give a crap about it that much anymore!

  3. Rove sux 5clicks turn on 2click heat up mine doesn't work defective FLAV pen is way better just automatic suck blow so to all beganner there is 2 kind of cartridge button and the non button automatic

  4. Takes 5 clicks. Once on you can click it 2x to preheat. Light stays on about 30 seconds or more. I find a hair dryer warms the liquid to perfection so no need to do the 2 clicks. And they do clog from time to time. Show grow replaced my 1 gram for free no questions asked as they said it happens from time to time. I went to take a puff and got about .3 grams of oil in my mouth. Nasty. For $120 after tax the sucker shouldnt have any flaws like twisting the mouth piece

  5. Just bought my first rove pen and cartridge yesterday. I have been smoking everything…and i mean everything for 19 years. Ive tried all the expensive cartridges. Heavy hitter,brass nuckles,moxie and i have to say the potency surprised me. Tried the glue (hybrid). Taste was very good and it got me very medicated. Today I took some hits off the rove and pop 30mg of morphine and 10 of hydrocodon. I fell like im in heaven. I highly recommend this product. For 47 dollars with tip,i got a rove cartridge and rove pen with charger and free edible 150mg. What are you waiting for go get one!!!

  6. Hey I had a problem and need help and cant find any online!

    You made a point about how solidly built the cartridges are. I bought a gram of a sativa, Haze, and enjoyed it. No problem.

    Later I went and bought a gram of Glue. Ironically enough, it fell apart in my pocket. For a week it was fine. But one day at work, I pull out my battery and the cartridge was in pieces?!

    The oil is thick so didnt spill in my pocket. But the mouth piece, the glass, the cartridge just fell apart. The bottom part was still screwed into my battery. The battery is totally fine.

    Any ideas? Im flummoxed. I just salvaged the oil I could when I got home. It makes me nervous to buy another.

    Is it possible it just unscrewed from movement in my pocket? Does going from cold outside to heat inside alot effect the design of the cartridge?

  7. my battery doesn’t seem to work, i got it about 5 days ago and it doesn’t light up no matter how i press the button, when i charge it the light is green but it still doesn’t turn on, any advice ?

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