1. so disappointing to see democracy and human rights being ignored in Canada. Don't run because they will follow you(assuming you aren't fleeing to a medical state for your well being). Everyone needs to fight for everyone's freedom wherever you live! Get angry and let your reps, mayors, and council person know that what they are doing is unacceptable. And while you are at it, tell them they need to show some accountability for the missing first nations women! (BTW, I am canadian heritage that lives in the USA, but I still care about injustice wherever it occurs)

  2. Getting a wooshing whipering high pitch background echo on this audio on what seems like a seperate track.
    Also although Gabapentin can mimic some effects and effect the mood like stated, its not an opiod it does effect GABA but it does not bind to opiate receptors.

  3. Really great intro. I have to say that it is really sad that these fine men and women who the majority in there hearts joined the force to do the right thing and to help people and stop the bad guys have had their hearts and minds hijacked to be providing muscle for what really amounts to racketeering.

  4. First: Freddie is a rock star. Second, I was not a big fan of Neil for what he just admitted: and I have huge respect for him now. This format of advocates and real talk about issues and reality is desperately needed. Thank you. Great work, not just tonight but always. Keep up the great work. I am in no way an authority, just sharing my observations. Speak truth to power, free the weed and heal the nations.

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