This Guinea Pig Likes to Jump!

Tommy is a neutered male who comes to visit me for regular nail trims and health checks. He does this adorable thing where he jumps up in dives straight into …


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  2. I thought this was normal in piggies because mine does that all the time! He loves to climb and jump, and only likes people with long hair which he can hide in. He loves shoulders ^^ Though he has a habit of trying to shift to the other, and you have to grab him quickly before he falls. He doesn't like new people, though, and won't shift between them unless he knows them well. He uses this kangaroo power to hide whenever we're trimming his nails or carrying him to his run outside and it's hilarious and agitating at the same time because he clings on and scratches your shoulders so it's impossible to get him off. He's a strange boi owo

  3. That's how I met my one guinea pig, when I was holding him he went right up onto my shoulder and into my hair. Now that's remained his favorite place on me when I hold him securely.

  4. Hi Saskia… Need ur help… One of my Guinea pigs has given birth to a baby which has non-functional hips and legs… Mother seems to have abandoned the baby… I am feeding it milk externally… I really need advice on how to keep this baby alive and grow… It is 2 days old now and has started to become weak… Pls help

  5. My old guinea pig jumped up. Like, a lot. He passed last year but when I still had him, I had to warn guests and visitors and vets that he WILL jump up lol! He'd jump up into your arms from the cage, or from the vet's table and he was soon rather famous at the clinic. I miss him dearly, he was like a small dog.

  6. my baby Leo likes to jump, but the opposite direction he almost hurt himself if I didn't catch him. He's safe and getting used to my hands and I avoid lap time until he's more chill ?

  7. My Guinea Pig Penelope aka Poppy tryed to jump out of her cage the other day. Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure that she doesn't hurt herself? I'm a new guinea pig owner

  8. Oh, my Oreo does the same! But he does it when he's scared, like when I'm trimming his nails. Also, I always have to remove him from the cage to take vitamin C, as he doesn't really like it, and when we're done he climbs back on me from the table as if to say 'okay, now take me back'. He's adorable.

  9. 3 of mine do this and then lay across my chest as if it's the most comfy place ever (not so much for me!) but when they snuggle under my chin & pancake it's just the cutest!

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