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    Do you mean you think a carbon filter such smells out of the growing plant or drying one? I run a filter full blast at night 15 min every hr and low during the day all day. You can smell it a little sometimes unless of course you brush against a bud then woe its so amazing but it scubs out quick. The smell remains in the trichomes unless disturbed i think? It is like defense mechanism that drives off predators I suppose.
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  2. The smell will come if your hammering enough pk into it and keeping it hot and dry in your room during the day and warm and always 30 to 49 rh and never more. Mine have mostly no smell unless you touch one or brush one of the ladies immense sugar coated nugs. I think it depends on what you feed them and using real HPS lights. The led's are new and I don't trust them as is the so called newer breeding programs. Some are tight but since 99 when their was like 500 different varieties to, I hear, a few thousand now.
    If a person was able to have more than four plants at a time then you could clone every plant before the flip and if its a keeper your one step ahead. Perhaps we need to recapture some of the dankness back from the pile of names they sent out there.

    Sorry for blathering on
    Peace and hey take the sabbath off and maybe God will give your medi gardens a boost.
    Take care

  3. What I've learned in your cure is very important but how you grow it is just as important. Either you feed the microbes which break down nutrients in your media or you feed mostly bottled nutes. When using bottled nutes it's the nutrient left in the buds that are overlapping it's natural smell and taste and it's very hard to get rid of. Nowadays I feed the microbes but give a small boost of bloom at two key points that doesn't seem to disrupt things too much. This is where a great product like recharge would come in to give the benefcial bacteria a boost after. I also use floraliscious plus 3 week 2 – 5 and flawless finish to flush first week and pure reverse osmosis water the last two weeks. Of course it wouldn't be considered organic but still very clean.

  4. I live in Colorado and I can confirm: it is VERY hard to dry and cure here properly. Drying too quickly permanently ruins the bud. This season I came prepared. I'm using a grow tent and paying careful attention to the humidity.

  5. i just dont get it but not as bad as nothers but when im done it will have lil smell and taste alright no hay shit but cant get that super loud smell some shit u can smell a mile away what the fuck they doing ton the bud

  6. So how come when i put my nose to my jar, i can smell the differences between my buds, and they have a strong smell to it also, but when i put the buds to my nose, i cant smell the weed smell, it just smells like dried plant material?

  7. Organics, Full spectrum LED's, and long/cold dry and cure time. I've grown multiple cultivars in the same tent at the same time and they all hold their own distinct qualities (SLH, C99, Cheese, TK). Humidity control in my drying tent helped me in dry Alberta to get my 12-14 day hang dry. Jar for at least a month or 2 after that.

  8. When you say 10 to 14 days, is that wet trimming or dry trimming? I am using my spare bathroom with 60% humidity and 65-68F but got pretty bad "hay" taste. thought it felt dry enough after 5 days but didn't taste good at all. It smelled great during the grow. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  9. When you're growing synthetically, If you don't have a serious grasp of what you're doing, you're gonna get subpar crappy bud. I've been there. I had multiple harvests of mids because of the nutes I was using and screw ups in drying & curing. When I finally switched over to True living organics and using seed sprout teas and compost teas, I finally got tasty bud. Haven't looked back since. Now I can grow anything and EVERYTHING is tasty, even the plants that aren't keepers taste great. So my advice is just KIS, keep it simple. Grow organic.

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