Top 5 High💪 CBD Strains / Low THC Marijuana Strain review🍃

Our top 2 picks for the BEST place to order QUALITY cannabis seeds. #1 Quality Seeds ~Customer Support ~Guaranteed delivery available …


  1. Music ruins this videos content in my opinion. When we as the population watching these videos have to pay attention and read the screen to obtain the info, the last type of music to edit into the video would be high tempo, noisey electronic music. Something a little less abrasive might help a person retain the content of the video!!! I literally cant even pay attention 2 seconds into the video because of the terrible choice of music!

  2. Harlequin is really tough to find in Canada. Was only able to find it in a vape pen which was a 1:1 ratio than the typical 5:2. Was real nice.
    I think Cannatonic is a honourable mention and Boaty McBoatface which is Tweeds version of CBD Medi Haze

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