The marijuana sector is booming and these marijuana stocks you should consider buying and holding & are bound to generate you profits when the sector …


  1. By the way, If you haven't downloaded the app. New cannabis ventures, you should. A bunch of good info on there.

    If you could make some more marijuana recommendations let me know. Apparently all these politicians are feeling the heat over here in America, so it seems like talks of legalization are heating up again.

  2. Appreciate the help big homie. I feel like I've learned more from you in the past few hours than I learned from Ricky Gutierrez or any of my finance teachers in college. Sometimes you just need somebody on your wavelength I guess. Much love big dog.

    Lucky for me, I got in on canopy and Aurora a little over a year ago, so my marijuana profile is at 64 percent.

    You have any opinions on ISOL, CVSI, Terra Tech, MPX? I have a good feeling about these, just wanted to see if you knew something I didn't.

    With the news that Trump plans on leaving the legal states alone, I wanted to make a big investment this week. With us now being on the brink of WW3, I'm not so sure that's the best idea anymore.

    Thanks again brotha

  3. Needs better screen graphics and your accents is too nosil (like you have a Cold) sounding, so the graphics are really needed.
    Good inform but you are extremely talkative and not being concise and to the point. It is very good info, and good research. Nut More Screen Graphics and combining them one long Graphic at the End, to review.
    Thank You for Your Video.

  4. Medical cannabis was made legal in my country Greece, from january 2018. Till now there were only small local collaborations that were producing hemp and hemp fiber for clothes. I read some greek articles saying that there are many canadians companies that are urging/ planning to invest to create big units/facilities in order to monopolize the market.

  5. Great video as always. Could you do a video on smaller companies in around $2.00 under range tell me what you think. Mj companies. Thoughts on fire emc TGIF even smaller like glh.

  6. Zaid, what do u mean by Marijuana stocks? Are these things legal? I dont get that part. Are the Marijuana stocks the strongest in the Market? Like how about APPL, Tesla? Not that strong?

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