TOP STORIES: Arkansas starts selling medical marijuana; Cops search for Dunkin Donuts burglars

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  1. Moved to Arkansas from Colorado. Screw this crap. 420 dollars for an ounce is robbing the patients. I'll certainly countinue to use the black market. This is wrong because of the pricing. Look at every other medical state and legal states prices. Now look at yours and look at the minimum wage hourly rate here. Arkansas will just keep buying it illegally till they LEGALIZE it from states like Colorado Oregon Cali Washington. If you can't compete with good prices we will get it elsewhere and cheaper. Like 150 to 200 tops per ounce. Not no 420 bucks. Y'all are gonna make the weed dealers so much ILLEGAL money hahaha. You set your own trap by not making it recreational too Arkansas. Stupid southern fuckers.

  2. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) #1 Baby Killer Senator of Arizona

    Naming Names: 44 Senators Who Voted in Favor of Infanticide and Against Protecting Born-Alive Babies.. FOX10 forbidden to speak about this issue..

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