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  1. Been really having a lot of fun answering all the grow questions every week. Its a nightly routine of mine and its been fun talking shop, so please hit me with your questions down below or just say whats up!. Hope all is well and I will be back uploading in 2 weeks.

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  2. Need you to tell us all what humidity and temp you keep it at….. how much of each thing you add to soil, what you add to your water if anything……
    What you are doing to them when you aren’t filming to fix certain issues that we don’t see.

  3. My first attempt at organic outdoor/indoor am now in 3x3x6 tent buds are sugaring up now pulled it in Oct 1 had rain and no sun whole flower cycle so I'm finishing the last 4 weeks indoor I will upload a short vid later

  4. Excuse my lack of experience with the proper terms to describe what i am trying to say or to ask advice. When removing growth between the internodes, does that include the pistils? I noticed on a friends grow, his stocks were were smooth. Nothing there except the fan leaves. Nothing. Nice colas later. Confused.

  5. Nice dude…i need HELP! plants are growing slow been in pots for 3 months and they look like 3 weeks compared to others..ive invested so much time and $$ started to feel discouraged but still trying..

  6. Hey man dope channel im starting me an organic grow. It will be my first ever grow. I'm thinking 4 strains. OG Kush, Chemdawg, Vanilla Kush and White Widow.

    Also can you do a grow with Vanilla Kush that was favorite strain in college the smell is lovely.

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