Trial begins for man charged with killing man allegedly robbing his marijuana grow

Kalamazoo County Assistant Prosecutor Jeff Williams, gives his open remarks to the jury in the Nathan Branham murder trial at the Kalamazoo County …


  1. This is complete bullshit. It shouldn't make a difference. That POS knew he dodnt belong on someone else's property let alone steal. Thieves do need to learn a lesson. Dont be a POS get a job!

    If someone broke into YOUR house once. Would you be worried they'd come back. Lets paint a very nice picture for everyone of you.

    Purp breaks in your house or property. Is he there to steal from you or kill you? Are you going to take the time to ask? You have split second where he can pull a gun on you! He was on Meth! Do you allow him to kill you and your entire family perhaps over what property? Or perhaps it was vengeance that you tried to teach him a lesson the weel before when he was there? Criminals know what they are doing and they know the risks long before they do them. Criminals shouldnt get remorse, you pay in prison or in life.

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