1. The weed U…? You all have no idea what your doing and should have done due diligence in educating yourselves first not even for responsibility sake but to actually get high lol

  2. Ok, where do I start? You call yourselves the weed university but you are promoting uneducated experimentation of a potentially dangerous process. People are dumb enough to to hear your name and expect you to know what you are talking about which gives you a moral obligation to at least educate yourselves before others. This video is especially dangerous because it tells people to heat the nail on the nectar collector (not a “dab pen” as it was referred to in the video) until it’s red hot! Steel (which is not the metal you should be using at all!) begins to turn red hot at around 900 degrees Fahrenheit! To get the entire tip red hot would be around 1200 degrees and you are suggesting people inhale superheated concentrated THC (which would combust, not vaporize at that temperature) I to their lungs!? Wtf? You are irresponsible and have likely already caused irreparable damage to people’s lungs. I have never left a comment on any YouTube video but I could not let this go and not say something. My hope is that you are more responsible and do your homework first.

  3. Hello everybody! We will be taking your comments into account on a new video where we will RETRY dabbing. We have new uploads every Friday at 4:20pm so be on the lookout for the video over the next few weeks!

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