Twitter Reacts To Beth Chapman's Death

Beth Chapman, the former star of Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman, sadly passed away in the early morning hours of Wednesday, June …


  1. Well,Let me tell you our style over here,we threath a person very nice or very good while they're alive,becauae when they dead you might never know with whom you'll be talking with,Alohà!

  2. I'm so sorry for your lost Duane Dog the Bounty Hunter and family. Beth was an amazing wonderful strong with a great big heart women. She will be missed dearly. One thing we all saw is how she always had your back 110% that's what a real woman in love does for her husband and her family. I love you both and you will be dearly missed RIP BETH…

  3. She was such a beautiful soul. ? I love how she went out on her terms. There was nothing left unsaid nor undone. We all could take a lesson from her. Go rest now ma’am. ? Your race is won. ❤️❤️❤️ See you on the other side of the stars ✨?⚡️⭐️

  4. My gut is in knots and my heart feels shattered into pieces just like it would if she was a family member of mine which shows what a terrific powerful woman beth was …i really admired her work as bounty hunter. My thoughts and prayers are with the Chapman family during this difficult time ?

  5. I'm so dad for her lost:(( i really thought she gonna beat it again,she was such a power woman I loved her so much i even watched her on TV in my country before I moved to the us,she was a amazing woman and now is a amazing angel I love u beth Chapman ❤❤❤❤

  6. Beth was the Queen of doing it Right….I am HEARTBROKEN and still in shock over the news..I can't imagine what Dog and the family is going feeling at this time because the rest of the World Loved her too…????…Goodbye my sweet lady until we see you again on the other side I can't wait to mean you ?????????????

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