U.S. House committee approves marijuana bill; what comes next?

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would legalize marijuana at the federal level. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and …


  1. This is just like a cop that don’t want to bother arresting ppl for heroin that would be a crooked cop and taking bribes . if marijuana is still a class 1 at a federal level and the banks can take there money that means the government can take the taxes from the sale of marijuana. This being said wouldn’t that be a crooked government and a dirty move . Legalize it already u crooked bastards !!!!

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  3. Idk who this guy is but major kudos to him for being one of the only honest news reporters. Probably 25% of this report was on script. The rest was his personal opinions and observations. The vast majority of news reporters wouldn't have the stones to address this topic as candidly as he did, and as a news reporter, you have to respect him for that! So again, kudos to this guy!

  4. But felons, beyond drug charges, have been blackballed & banned from this new "jobs" "market" "industry"! A CASH-GRAB TAX-SCAM FOR BIG PHARMA BIG AG PESTICIDE POT! NO THANKS!!! http://www.truedemocracy.net/hj37/45.html
    ATTENTION** Federal Cannabis Hemp Marijuana Prohibition is Unconstitutional!
    There has been no Amendment to the U.S. Constitution EVER regarding Cannabis. The 9th Amendment in the Bill of Rights says : "The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people".
    In other words, we do have the right to use alcohol and cannabis even though those rights are not listed in the Constitution. And the proof is it did require a Constitutional amendment, the 18th, ratified in 1919, to prohibit alcohol. It required another amendment, the 21st, ratified in 1933, to repeal that prohibition when the people and the government realized how stupid it was — just as Cannabis prohibition is.
    But there has not been a Constitutional amendment in the case of Cannabis. Because it can be proven in court that Cannabis is not as harmful as alcohol, it can not be prohibited without amending the Constitution.
    The 18th Amendment, alcohol prohibition, is a binding precedent. Just in case you are ever arrested, have that evidence and expert witnesses ready. A jury has the authority to nullify an unconstitutional law, and declare the defendant not guilty.
    And surely routine drug testing/urinalysis is a violation of the 4th Amendment, regarding unreasonable search & seizure, and the 5th Amendment, regarding self-incrimination. #NOMENSREA The term "prohibition" in itself, is both misleading & false, regarding the "legality" of #ONEPLANT ^Cannabis
    Thank You & kindly get your boot off our necks and your jack-hats our of our gardens! ! !
    No Justice No Peace!

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