1. HI. First time post. Been following your analysis, and really would like your take on CROP infrastructure. The Bollinger bands are tightening and the 200 and 50 are very close to each other. Just not sure if this is about to go at this time. Any analysis on this would be helpful. Thanks

  2. ACRG.U had a really nice 4HR trend change 2 days ago that I nailed, got some shares at 18.68 and it's trading at 20.50 now! Don't overlook this stock, it's got major political connections. I'm up +10% in 2 days, buying on the 4 hour RSI oversold. Thanks for that tip Dan, it works well! Hope you are enjoying your vacation, looking forward to the videos as always……good perspective. I miss the amazing slack community you guys have created. I rarely sign in to youtube but since I did I remembered to like this video 😉

  3. Hey Dan, like so many I've been watching your videos and am very grateful for the effort you make and the advice you give. As I'm not a big fan of companies like Google, I'm never signed in when I watch and therefore never hit the "like" button. In light of your request yesterday, I signed in this morning and back liked your MJ & some Spy vids starting Feb '18. I watched, 'em, I liked 'em and now I've "liked" them too. Thanks again and best wishes.

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