Vaping in Australia: As e-cigarettes’ popularity booms, safety concerns grow | ABC News In-depth

Underage vaping is on the rise in Australia and that has authorities concerned. A Cancer Council survey showed 1 in 10 Australians between the ages of 12 and …


  1. Wow, inhaling anything other than air might be harmful?! Who would've thought? "Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette, puff puff puff until you puff yourself to death." 1947 Tex Ritter. Learn nothing then die (good riddance.)

  2. Hmm this cherry flavoured e-cigarette tastes lovely, why don't I try a disgusting real cigarette instead…

    Seriously though, as someone who tried all the current NRT options out there with no success, vaping with nicotine helped me quit smoking immediately. Literally the same day.

    Do some real research ABC, this is a dreadful waste of taxpayer money.

  3. this story is full of misinformation and outright lies. proper regulation not prohibition is what's needed if people are worried about kids vaping. nicotine vaping is strictly tobacco harm reduction and is far safer than inhaling smoke; there are plenty of reputable studies that confirm this. Australia needs to follow the UK and endorse nicotine vaping as quit smoking aid

  4. If morons weren’t adding cannabis oil to their e liquids (a fact conveniently left out of this news article), or buying counterfeit pods and liquids, they probably wouldn’t be getting sick. Most people who vape don’t consider it harmless, but they have often done their own research and come to the conclusion it’s ‘better’ than smoking (and a great quit aid). Australia’s response is weak, head in the sand stuff. Contribute to the research rather than just shitting on something that doesn’t attract delicious taxes, like those killer sticks that are available everywhere despite absolute knowledge that they cause cancer, and are a huge burden on the health system.

  5. 4:26 1. Most Ecigs dont contain nicotine, the entire culture kids have around ecigs is anti smoking. Nobody is switching to ciggies for a bigger hit.
    2. Thanks to all the governments interference I as responsible adult have to jump through hoops to get some decent tobacco you authoritarian pig.

    "Australia leads the world in tobacco control"
    Translates to Australia is an authoritarian hellhole that doesnt trust its population to make decisions for themselves

  6. A lot of disinformation here. Well done ABC maybe you should have done some real research when putting this segment together. Like looking up the royal college of physicians in the UK who've done the real research, not the sudo science (That's been debunked) that's coming out of the US that most of these people have obviously read. As for 'epidemics' in teens, more teens smoke(not vape) and consume alcohol. But vaping is at 'EPIDEMIC' levels…..PLEASE

  7. Legit would rather a fine cigar. Which is next to impossible to get a hold of in Australia these days.
    Let the kids vape, the government has no buisiness telling people what they can and cant do with their bodies.

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