1. LOL I was just looking at the vertical thing I didn't even notice it was pot even if it's a medical marijuana version or a non smoking version.I was all like that's just like like a pot plant and then of course I scroll and of course it's a pot plant.

  2. Whats up guys! I love the grow! You should get ahold of me through here. I sale hydroponic equipment and supplies which are all wholesale prices. Ill save you guys a lot of money especially with the residual equipment. Much love!

  3. I really want to buy a fluence light but led is new to me. Can I use this light for veg and flower or is it best to get a different light for the two stages? If I need only one light then all I should have to do is change light time to veg and flower? also I hear talk that in 2018 fluence is coming out with a better light.

  4. Thanks for the vid demonstrating what can be done with these lights. I'm wondering – What is the floor to ceiling height of the rooms they are using? I am interested in integrating Fluence lights in a similar manner and would like to estimate the floor to ceiling height needed to make a 2 level vertical operation possible. Also looking into a similar rack system to the one they have used.

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