Vessel Brand Vape Pen Battery // Unboxing and Overview (featuring the Silver + Walnut Wood Series)

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  1. Hope they don't mind sharing but use code LEAFLY50 until 11/19/19 for half off. We just got ours this week. Hands down beats the Kangartech and Open Vape 2.0 we have. I got the Expedition version due to dropping things constantly, and the grip really helps. Used the lowest heat seating on Banana Kush and it was wonderful, could really tase the lemonene and pepperine terpenes, both of which help me tremendously. You won't be disappointed with this vape.

  2. My main complaint is the website (where I landed first) did not make it clear AT ALL what the hell this thing was for. I thought it was a vibrator, or an electric razor, or possibly a wand? Then, one of the reviews on the site said something about it being a pen. So I clicked into the youtube channel from the top of their site. And finally discovered that yes, this guy is using it to vape. What idiot decided vape… e-cigs, should be called pens? I guess you can probably tell I don't smoke or vape. Anyhow. Enjoy your brand confusion.

  3. holy shit, if you are poor? dont hate on luxury products…if you arent in research and Development for batteries and their properties? quit acting like you are god damn expert, cause you have been vaping carts for years! when someone who actually knows their shit, reads your bullshit? you sound fuckin idiotic.

  4. The main good reason to buy a vessel is that it is calculated to burn the oil and not your throat, where cheap battery companys overpower their batterys to makes sure they produce enough smoke in all cartidges and screw on parts, the vessel is just for carts and right on point temp wise(i go low temp and take a long full pull and blow out a huge cloud and dont cough)….plus it feels way more better on the hand than say a vision spinner or typical low end battery and its quality rivals samsung, the power button looks like it belongs on a laptop computer…a really nice item that usually leaves people asking "what is that?".

  5. Hey guys to those whose main complaint is the price, promo code REDDIT30 gives you 30 bucks off your order and you also have the option of interest free monthly payments (whatever 70 divided by 4 is lol) just FYI, Happy Trails

  6. Different people; different priorities.  I wasn't on a scavenger hunt for the cheapest device I could find.  I just got a VESSEL.  The presentation is great.  Look and feel, great.  I might just hit up Walgreens for curiosity and comparison but right now I am happy to have spent $90 and like the whole experience.

  7. With that much battery with this pen is truly a scam please dont buy anybody. Walgreens sells a great 510 thread battery that has a 1200mh battery, protects your cart, physical on/off button separate of the fire button(insane plus), 3 temp modes and all while staying under $35. Its called the Njoy. I hope this trash company goes out of business.

  8. Other then the nice wood and matte metal colors/design this product does what a lot of others for at 1/4th the price. I get it some people want/ can afford lux products, but unfortunately, it's a little out of my price range. good marketing though

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