VIP TREATMENT AT THE ORIGINAL CANNABIS CAFE – America's First Weed Restaurant & Lounge

HIGH FRIENDS! Today we take you inside the nation’s first cannabis lounge and restaurant – THE ORIGINAL CANNABIS CAFE. Formerly known as Lowell Cafe …


  1. I could’ve sworn there’s more cannabis cafes than just California, there’s one in Massachusetts too and it’s been open since August.. not sure if what you’re saying is accurate.

  2. You guys are awesome ! Damn I wish I could visit or move there. That place looks so relaxing and so fun just to go and be free to eat, bake and chill. Great vid as always 🤘🏾😎🤘🏾

  3. I'm going to be honest

    I was excited enough to visit for the outdoor restaurant experience with Cannabis, but seeing the Baked Alaskan (the desert they had) made devouring on ASAP to priority loll

  4. High From Canada! Omg wow, what a blast. That meal and grav bong was epic. So jealous, but in a good way. Really enjoying the content as always, it's fabulous. Take care you two. Huggles! Sativa

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