VLOG!! Advocacy Everywhere! : Vaping = seizures!! : Goodbye for a bit

Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 4/4/19 So the replay has this INSANE delay on it. It’s making me crazy, and i’m sure it’s frustrating the replay watchers.


  1. Ah the US of A, where kids can get hooked on Adderall (an amphetamine) with no problems, where flavored cannabis and/or alcohol are freely available, where school shootings occur so frequently they don't even make the headlines any more, but where vaping is being banned in order to "protect" the children. At least, this vaping issue has made it perfectly evident how much the USA doesn't belong to its people, it belongs to the multinationals.

  2. It's not about them understanding. They do understand, but you have to understand the amount of money is involved. Big tobacco funnels so. Much. Money. Into lobbying for legislation against vaping and funding for anti vape articles and ads. The world's a fucked up place and honestly we don't do enough to turn this around.

  3. hey nick, on many of your older videos years ago you had metal songs for intros and outros, and there was one modern and real heavy sounding metal song that i really liked and wanted to know name of it, maybe you can tell me? i checked your older videos now but for some reason theyre all classic rock songs there, which i dont remember hearing on your videos at all. im 75% sure it was from on of those videos where you had a monitor and white doors in background.

  4. Hey Grimm how's it going? So first off I'd like to say I love the vlogs and reviews always keeping updated. My partner got me into them and we both constantly have your vlogs up in the vape shop we manage in Manchester UK. What you do for advocacy and your reviews are just stellar. πŸ˜‚ Cheers for your awesome vids.
    Hannah and Luke

  5. Data corelation is a funny (and sad) thing, i believe we could prove that diving causes lung cancer as i am quite sure there is more than 35 people who did diving and got lung cancer. Same goes for almost anything else (having a cat as a pet and getting a brain tumor etc)

  6. I've been hospitalized twice from seizures; they started in 2017, and I started vaping in ~2014. I had previously thought the cause to have been prior overdose attempts, but I have yet to have any confirmation on the actual cause. I'll see a neurologist soon enough, but seizures /do/ happen.

  7. @GrimmGreen Just saw my favorite truth commercial so far, two puppets a boy and girl. Leaning in for a kiss, girl puppet thinks, he's cute I wanna kiss him, boy puppet just exorcist vomits all over her. Then they say vaping weakens your immune system…. what the fuck is that nonsense??? Hahaaha

  8. Being from the southern hemisphere, and NEVER getting to watch these live, the mega, MEGA replay lag is making it totally impossible to watch these, which is such a bummer coz I love 'em. None of the other live vape shows on replay seem to have this…ever. Hope you can work this out dude.

  9. Plz tell me ur doing a single coil restricted direct lung rta. We have plenty of big cloudy dual coil rtas on the market. I'm confident U cld do an excellent single coil atty. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

  10. Hey Grimm, Being in Australia, often i have to watch the replays, i know its probably a youtube fault somewhat, but the lag/sync with audio video is insane in this video / has been getting worse each week. I dont know how you could fix this ? but it totally SUXXXXXXXXXX πŸ™

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