Growing cannabis indoors weeks 2-6 – In this episode, I show plant growth while in these weeks as well as before and after plant training. This gardening video …


  1. I hope you enjoyed the episode this week! I will now be attempting weekly uploads every Sunday moving forward. Key word, attempting 😉 …. I also recently launched a backup YouTube channel in case something happens to this one. That channel will be active and I will be releasing 2-3 videos a week there. Please go there, click subscribe, and click the bell for notifications -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv2sR33_KcA

  2. I need some help. I’m attempting to grow my own for medical purposes. I got the seeds to germinate, and planted. They grew about 3inches so far within a week/week in a half. I have lost two so far after this post. They stay out in our back patio. It’s covered, but gets some sun. They are a mix of autoflower/regular seeds. Do I need more water? More sun? Too much humidity? Not big enough containers?

  3. Hell to yea … I ready would like to see your next video on your equipment …. Thanks Oh Yea I am a new grower …kinda , be out of the loop for a few years now …. any advice you may have will be cool as hell …. Good Job and well done

  4. Why wouldn't you just flush your soil out to bring the NOC TriCity level down that's what a flush is for if you would have topped those when they were younger and start it earlier you would had better results as well but to each their own.

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