Hey there! Today I review how CBD helps my anxiety. I think it’s a good alternative to other prescribed medications. What do you think? Let me know in the …


  1. Thank you so much. Anxiety has taken control over my life and Im trying to fogure this out. The pains in the neck are SCARY I had them the other day and thought I was about to Die. Plugged ears happen to me ALL the time. Terrible terrible

  2. Nice videos, im also in Canada and cbd is good ! But you have to understand anxiety does not happen to you, you are creating it with your thinking style. Also all this can be cured easely 😉

  3. CBD interacts with the naturally formed endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in our body. This ECS is present in every cell of our body that further helps in managing multiple bodily functions such as memory, sleep, pain, appetite, and mood. Stress recovery is, however, one of the main responsibilities of the ECS. CBD has the ability to communicate with the neurotransmitter from neuron to another.

    CBD oil is being utilized as an excellent and natural way of treating anxiety and depression among patients.

  4. Girl that's exactly what triggers my anxiety, the physical symptoms. I just started the cbd vape 3 days now and I already feel to go out and socialize. Like I feel like planning again. I can move around now and cook. Is it still working for you?

  5. Thank you for your video, I suffer horrible panic attacks and have for tears. I have tried meds and hated how I felt and am now looking at the CBD oils and seeing how it has helped others. I know exactly what you are talking about when getting on something and can't get off just like flying. I sometimes have to go throw up to get my nerves out then feel better and can get on the plane.

  6. Hey Kaylee – great video. You mentioned something about plugged ears as a symptom of anxiety. I’ve never heard anyone else mention that. I get plugged ears prior to a bout of anxiety-is this the same way it acts as a warning sign you for you? Good video – cheers for sharing

  7. I’ve been suffering my whole life and more recently been getting more physical symptoms due to my anxiety disorder. I had to quit my job because I couldn’t stay calm at work and would have extreme panic attacks, I can’t go on highways because I feel trapped and it feels like I am free falling which scares the hell out of me so I am very limited to things I can do. I just got a heart monitor put on me and the doctor recommended me to try cbd oil for my anxiety so I will bring it up to my doctor to see if it’s a possibility for me. I really hope this will work because I feel really limited in my life and I feel like my anxiety is a bit similar to yours when it comes to feeling any sort of change in the body I tend to worry and freak out. I really don’t even like taking any medications I always feel like a side effect will be triggered or something bad will happen so I am trying to look for a more natural way to treat this. I really hope cbd will work for me

  8. I have really bad anxiety I also get panic attacks being out and about it’s hard to go to the store . I get scared of doing anything so I’m stuck at home .. i have CBD oil but I’m super scared to take it ..

  9. I have this since i was 11 i had palpitations since then…every day of my life i thought i would die.this in combination with the anxiety is so mentally painful.i was thinking of excuses to avoid stuff for the biggest part of my life.( still bought a house and worked as a chef for ten years,i am 30 now). The benzodiazepines work but indeed addictive and during the daytime feels not so nice sometimes. I started the CBD candy 3 weeks ago.since a few days started with the CBD 5% oil. I can go to the supermarket and just look around and be comfortable standing in line. Thank you so much for the video. Such a shame i can't send pictures of my candy and oil i bought!!

  10. God bless you, everything you have said fits me to a T I'm trying to find a really good CBD with out THC because THC causes me to have severe panic attacks so if you could give me some good sources it would be greatly appreciated!!! My anxiety has brought me to a point in life to be honest some days I just don't want to go on anymore, I'm tired of these benzodiazepines but they do help but I fear the same things about them as you do so I also am looking for alternatives, again thank you very much ur message spoke directly to me and hope maybe you have some good sources maybe you can tell me. God bless you!!!

  11. CBD gives me a headache try actual thc wax for hemp burner I got some called white cake and another one call gelato 97% thc way better then cbd they come in pen type things lmao sorry for blowing up yr comments im your new subscriber lmao

  12. Xanax are great they work wonders but I hate the dependency they cause over time of usage. I’ve been on them a very small dose daily lowest amount daily and it was hell to go off them but once you are away you won’t go back for sure.

  13. 100% spot on. You don't know you took it until you notice that you don't have that panic attack or don't have that anxiety. For someone who DOES NOT smoke weed, and can NOT smoke weed, cbd does help without zero high. Total game changer.

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