What Happens When A State Grows Way Too Much Weed (HBO)

When Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, the state decided to make the market as free and accessible as possible. It didn’t cap licenses, or restrict access …


  1. Again the medical industry is trying to drive up the price on EVERYTHING.
    Now if you just want to get stoned that's one thing.

  2. Its a plant i dnt care how much love n blah blah blah u do teas n nutes its still goingvto be burnt up we smoke it so it shouldnt have to pay thousands for a pound

  3. Hey guess what in ilinois there licenses are 25000 justvto apply but we in illinous there is a shortage n they are raising prices we need this in illinois

  4. 🆔️🔞&👍if your true about your cannabis,,you should grow your own. Super easy and it's a great feeling getting stoned off your own supply..plus state cannabis causes CHS systems stomach problems.

  5. Wish my state would even allow legal weed to he decided by a ballet vote, I live in Wisconsin very anti pot and we are now an island surrounded by legal weed and we don't even have a medicinal policy of any sort and medical gets denied every year

  6. It's the way it should be. Black market is basically gone, except for interstate movement, and teen usage is down. Now it's like buying beer. Growing is a hobby like home brewing. I got three dispensaries down the block selling $40 ounces. Same as buying a nice bottle of liquor.

  7. This is what a true free market economy is supposed to be. Government intervening very little, allowing competition to flourish, and consumers reap the rewards of lower priced goods. I wish the California government would take notes from Oregon and stop sticking their goddamn nose in every bit of the private sector. This is exactly why the black market is still thriving in California despite legalization.

  8. Well that’s the whole point of what we r trying to do right? It’s a weed! It grows by it self practically! Why can’t we make it cheaper and more accessible for everyone?

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