1. I quit 3 days ago from 50 nic vape and I cannot concentrate and I’ve been getting really bad anxiety…. this is one of the hardest things I’ve gone through and I’m only 18 😭😭😭

  2. On Thursday fifth of December , I will be 22 years stopped smoking, my doctor's declare me a non smoker now..
    Please whoever you are, stop killing yourself…
    Will power and only will power does defeat the craving , I did so can you…

  3. one thing i hate after i quit smoking is that i cant concentrate on anything. i have all this extra energy but my concentration is gone. its good if you do sports tho'.

  4. I started smoking a few weeks ago because I loved the rush of blood to the head when I’d have one but now I don’t get it, I know I’m addicted now because I do be craving them

  5. I started when I was 14 and I quit when I was 35. 4 months after quitting I felt awesome, no cigarette smell on me or my clothes, I could bread better, was eating good and could go without coffee for days and days, money I used on cigarettes I started investing in nice truck. Till one day I believe I was in my 6 month, my back went out while I was pooping on toilet, I needed to get epidural shot in my lower back and cortisone in my tail bone, at 36 I got inflammation spots in my stomach and my abdomen felt like there is lump there and all in all hernia, my teeth started bothering me very sensitive, I am over 40 and my health is fc'd. I said f USA doctors I am going to Europe to get checked out, EU doctors asked me when I started smoking and when I quit, after explaining doctors told me you should kept on smoking, look how many smokers we have in Europe and we do not recomend anyone to quit but to take it easy 3 to 4 cigarettes a day is ok lot of liquids, morning exercise before cigarette. Problem in states is media, they put pressure on population without looking at the facts, they should push tobacco industry to process quality products instead of poison and leave everyone else alone. The stress is no1 cause of smoking in my opinion. stress at school, stress at work, stress when driving home and so on. Stress also can be transferred genetically and when you sum it all up many humans end up with some kind of addiction, smoking, eating, drinking, porn, anger, pets, hording and so on. We are only human, so keep on smoking but take it easy 🙂 PEACE! I AM OUT

  6. i am a heavy smoker, ive been smoking since the age of 16, i am soon to be 27.. the pass 6 years i've smoked over 60 cigarette every single day.. i've now not smoked for 3 days this might not sound a lot to some of you, but this is HUGE for me and i've never had stronger feeling than this feeling.. i know ill quit for good and i am super happy.. if you are not smoking dont ever do it.. and if you are smoking and want to to quit.. please do… there will be so much more shit coming up on your way… i've fainted cuz of it.. ive lost my senses.. tasting..smelling.. and the reaosn why i quit i've been shaking a lot lately.. and i've been dizzy 3/4 of the times i am awake.. and i knew this was serious.. for me i took this smoking path because my life got rough.. but don't do this mistake.. and if you are doing it right now… stop it.. life won't get easier if anything it will just make it harder for you..

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