1. Thank you for watching my Direct From episode! Let me know in the comments about your thoughts on Monsanto and the use of glyphosate. Do you think Monsanto should operate in Puerto Rico?

  2. The fact that an organism is GMO is not the problem, it's the toxic chemicals they are designed to resist in the fields, the copywriting of seed genetics (and the backlash against farmers when genetics leak), and unscrupulous testing of plants grown to produce B.t. anti-insect toxins.

  3. Pueblo de Puerto Rico, busquen las noticias de las demandas en contra de Monsanto hace apenas unos dias, Octubre 2019, a favor de familias con niños que nacieron con defectos, debido a las plantaciones de Monsanto y el uso excesivo de pesticidas, en cercania a vencindarios. Busquen Abogados. Lean y enterecen de los pesticidas que estan respirando. NO SE DUERMAN!!!

  4. “We are approved by fda usda” excuse me but slavery was once approved by the American government. Why are people dumb enough to believe white people or white companies will ever or do care about you brown people ?

  5. Great example of environmental injustice. Unfortunately, it is unlikely if we would even be able to feed the world population of over 7 billion people with out industrial agriculture and billions of tons of ag chemicals. Humans have vastly exceeded the carrying capacity of the planet by over population. The only way we have gotten away with it so far is frankenfarming, but nature always bats last and the bill will soon come due!

  6. This video is awesome. You have a wonderful talent at explaining things. I want to watch everything you make. I have lived in PR for 20 years but the video you show of the expansive Farms of Bayer/Monsanto – I didn't know about,Thank you.

  7. A great leader finds 10 ways to accomplish a goal a lousy leader makes 10 excuses for their failures Ricardo is a lousy leader trying and accomplishing are not same

  8. GMO labels isn't enough, a GMO ban isn't enough, we need executions of Executive ego profit from our death. Maybe then they'd get it.

    I'm against capital punishment overall, but I'm for a CEO exemption

  9. The executives at Bayer and Monsanto know their chemicals are hurting human beings. Still they continue to manufacture and promote them. Go to any Lowe's store or Home Depot and you'll see the aisles are lined up with Roundup. Monsanto / Bayer is an evil Corporation good needs to be shut down for good. And for the good of humanity.

  10. We need to make them a state, the next time Democrats have the Senate and the presidency we need to just do it….why is this such a debate it's killing the island doing nothing.

    DC as well but for different reasons.

  11. GMOs are a net good for agriculture, improving yields. These pesticides being used need to be tested for harmful health effects. These are two separate issues, far too often conflated.

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