1. 5g has nothing to do with your phone it means no more privacy 2 cameras for every person always in the field of 5 g cancer is gonna be even more wide spread then now, other countries already baned 5G cause they know how bad it is nobody wants it and there still shoving it down our throats

  2. Prior to the ubiquitous use of lead, asbestos and DDT (as three examples), I wonder if there were credible scientific studies available regarding the overall safety of any one or more of these items to humans and/or the environment? I haven't researched this but I suspect, if there were such studies, they were few and far between and not readily accessible.  Whether there were safety studies done and available or not on any  one of these three items is pretty much a moot point. We all know what happened.

    Okay, fast forward to present time where the world is experiencing an ever-increasing proliferation of man-made emfs from countless electronic devices that is saturating the space life is occupying. And now, we have 5G rolling out.

    In our enthusiasm and excitement regarding wireless technology, self-driving vehicles, IoT, A.I., and dreams of enormous monetary rewards…are we choosing to overlook the potential adverse ramifications that our proliferation of this technology might bring about? 

    Those who promulgated the use of lead, asbestos and DDT and those who embraced its use, didn't know what they were dealing with and how their enthusiasm to use these items was going to bring about devastating consequences for life and the environment. Fortunately, when it comes to man-made emfs and 5G, scientific studies regarding the adverse impact of this tech on life is abundant and easily accessible to the public at large. A good place to find some of these studies is here: https://mdsafetech.org/links/

    The question a person has to ask themselves is, am I more interested in monetary returns that are directly or indirectly connected to this tech, or am I more interested in good health now and in the future for myself and others? 

    Slow down, you move to fast, got to make humanity last. There is always a safe way to accomplish what one wants to accomplish. The safe way might take a bit longer but in the long-view more is gained.

  3. I still use my 5G Motorola "Beeper" …..it is a light speed indeed : call grandma from across the Universe on a 5G two quarters and dime 'phone boot'….responds time .00001 milisecond

  4. Telecom Risk Assessment Handbook states – get the media to do 'advertorials' describing things in a more positive light than would normally happen and do not cover local stories – so even though Bristol groups have posted more destruction of trees than anywhere else for that 5G infrastructure we just hear ooh lots of small masts to unlock the potential of 5G, ' a risk techies are willing to take' with no vote and no coverage of the people saying stop

  5. Can you imagine a communist state holding all the data of your very being? Where you go, what you eat, who your friends are, what you like, who you hate? Not that common folks like me matters but what about the data of persons of interest- like govt officials , oppositions… the lists are endless!

  6. When its dangers far outweigh its benefits, its implementation remains unnecessary and counterproductive to advancing civilization. Disingenuous reporting, folks. Disregard.

  7. No body . .not one consumer is asking for this. It is being shoved down our throats. Beware folks. . .you are being decieved. You will become the victim is you think this is good for you. . .be prepared to pyt down all your devices soon.

  8. It is the new goal for the industry to create 5G but in reality they are far from this once again another brand the clients sell a product that hasn't actually been achieved yet but then again when we do take things at face value and Believe the Hype that is put forward that does not truly Lee tell you the whole truth

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