When Will Pot be Fully Legal in the U.S.?

Nov.07 — Bruce Linton, Vireo executive chairman and Canopy Growth co-founder, reacts to the crackdown on vaping and discusses the market potential and …


  1. Medical Marijuana is legal in Florida but problem is too expensive to purchase and renew Medical Marijuana card and the doctors that approve you. Then the dispensaries where these people are mean and nasty and expensive. yes they deliver to your home but my experience was short lived when the driver told me I gave him the wrong directions…. Like no I did not so instead of a fight I told him he had GPS like the other drivers that delivered to me. He basically called me a liar. I told him to get off my property or I would call the sheriffs office and have him removed. He told me he was doing me a service. No problem there but he was a bad apple from the get go. So I through in the towel and gave up on Florida medical marijuana.

  2. Funny thing about marijuana is that it's very similar to tobacco but less dangerous to your health. I notice when I roll cigarettes with cannabis it looks a lot like rolling a tobacco cigarette.

  3. Now is the time. The Senate needs to wake up and listen to the people. Use money to create jobs, fix flooding, help small farmers. Weed needs to be legal. How could they make illegal what God made good. Legal drugs kill, kill, kill. Weed does not. Booze gets wifes beaten. Weed gets wifes kissed.

  4. Funny how you can get drafted at 18.. In NY.. You have to be 21 for alcohol and cigarettes but you cant smoke pot? All the taxes we pay you sgpuld be able to do any of the above whenever you want.. Dumb its as illegal as cocaine or heroine.. Alcohol kills people even if they arent drinking in some cases… Marihuana leads to cleaning out your cupboards then spending more money on food… Isnt this what the government likes? Sell us weed and food in the same store… Instant millions

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