Where My Body Stops or Begins

As Violet prepares for the day of the diner, she hears the voice of someone from her past and faints in response. Micah confronts Charley about paying off …


  1. I paid for the season why is last weeks show still not posted? If this is going to be the norm going forward a refund or half price should be considered because you not full filling your end of the bargain.

  2. Nova is trifling. if she really loved her family why wasnt she upfront about the content of the book and asked for permission to talk about the stuff she wrote about. It makes for good tv( its good writing and acting). i feel that everyone who is shutting her out is right to. she was wrong for that.

  3. this is just a reminder how you leave the past in the past. Freedom as nova's character was trying to show in the lives of her family….is not looking in the rear window. Each person has to want to change and healing to take place. Jimmy Dale called himself apologizing but he really wanted to be noisy…Craziness. Defend your wife Hollywood….Jimmy should have never stepped on the property.

  4. Hollywood took his vowels to heart. He love his wife and her ex husband deserve everything wood gave him. I love Micah and his new look. I believe Charlie is mad bc he has his own look.

  5. Good for Aunt Vie for putting this disgusting trifling glory whore in Nova in her place. Everyone that Nova so call loves needs to cut her off completely like Aunt Vie did, because what she did to her family was nothing but utter betrayal.

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