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  1. I need an explanation because i don’t know what happened to me. I don’t feel normal. I got wayyyy to high and it was my first time using a cart and like my third time getting high. I did it on an empty stomach. I had to hop through an endless amount of realities and find mine and go back into my body. Looking back on it, it was an out of body experience my brain couldn’t process. My boyfriend was helping me try and wake up but I had to fight for what felt like an eternity through the trip. From what I can remember I was shaking, nothing felt familiar, and I vomited in my mouth. I still feel high and I’m trying to calm myself down as much as possible with a lot of methods. I don’t know if I just had a really bad trip or if I overdosed because it was laced or something. I saw in the comments other people who felt kind of like this so that’s reassured but I need to know how to feel completely like myself again

  2. your probably here cos your having a terrible high. best advice….your not gonna die. clean your room/house completely. dust the corners and tops wipe the surfaces and vacuum the floor finally change the bed sheets .for some reason this helps even when your in 3d land

  3. I get too high very fast my boyfriend doesn’t smoke so I finish the blunt myself I try to just chill out but I just start thinking negative thoughts like my people talking bad about me or thinking of the time I fainted after smoking one time for not having a meal for breakfast I start thinking more negative stuff like being paralyzed or feeling out of short breath😕 I enjoy smoking it relaxes me but now it’s just that stress seems to like messing with me. Idk why I’m writing this comment but I just want to get high like I used too it’s not fun as it used to be 🙁

  4. I used to smoke every day with pleasure, now one quarter of a joint and I'm scared having a panick attack thinking I'm gonna die. An overwhelming sense of fear and dread and imminent death it really kills it

  5. I smoke weed hit idk what I smoke I just smoke what my friend gives me I trust him but sometimes my face gets numb asf and some times I'm fine I honestly like smooth weed cause to much THC gets me anxiety

  6. I’ve done acid and mushrooms more times that I can count. I’ve never had a more severe panic attack than when I smoke weed. I used to love weed in high school and smoke every other day almost. But I believe after being caught by my mom and the police so many times, it gave me legitimate PTSD and now even the smell of weed makes me start to panic.

  7. When i smoke i feel like i forget to breath, when I first get high I hate the feeling and want it to stop. Then like five. Minutes in I'm really happy and pet my dog then when I try to sleep I trip a lil bit. Overall i learned to smoke slow take a hit and wait.

  8. I once watched a film called alpha dog I then a few weeks later hanging out with friends at midnight smoking weed in the car I got paranoid and thought they where going to kill me with a knife because I suddenly thought of the boy death in alpha dog

  9. I got 3times paranoia within 2 days . Its so hard to breathe even when i try to breathe i cant even feel like im breathing . And totally lost control of my body . But i decide to try it again , again and again and im still here .

  10. I started smoking weed last year and it was awesome. I smoked everyday. One day i bought 14gs and I ended up smoking 4 blunts and i created my own bong out of a plastic bottle ended up hooking up 2 blunts to it and smoked it and after that everything went down hill. I started thinking my heart was going to jump out of my chest out of nowhere. I called my mom in telling her i love her because I literally thought I was going to die so i ended up going to the hospital and they hooked me up and i ended calming down a little and they told me i had low something i forgot the name but it basically makes your heart rate increase and then on top of that weed makes your heart rate increase as well so it made it even worse. I ended up taking a 6 month break and now everytime i smoke i get paranoid and i think my heart is racing. I’ve gotten a little better but the paranoia is getting worse and I don’t want to get schizophrenia or anything but honestly weed makes me happy. Everytime I go to work I can’t wait to get off and smoke weed, if anyone can tell me how to get rid of paranoia i honestly would be really grateful.

  11. Just need to figure out the correct dose for yourself. Take 1 or 2 hits and see where it takes you. Edibles are a different kind of animal, and should always start with a 5mg or a 10mg edible. DON'T go crazy and run to the emergency rooms. They might just give you a low dose of a benzodiazepine and send you home. NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE FROM SMOKING OR EATING MARIJUANA.

  12. Yesterday I took weed my chest was getting numb my legs got numb my legs were twitching I was getting chills I got really scared that I was about to die then my friends told me to lay down for a bit then after laying I was seeing tunnel visions faces

  13. I feel the opposite, when i over do smoking weed for a long period of time i get anxiety and paranoid. I take a break from weed and come back and im fine.
    I smoked a lot of weed when i quit smoking cigarettes and started feeling like i was on the outside looking in, the blinders of the world were down and saw everything as it truly was, it got really far out and also kinda understood why people may think everything is a simulation.

  14. Why do I smoke and feel nothing sometimes I can over do it considering I’m not really a smoker and hit a bong bout 3-5 times than hit a pen a couple times and than hit a Gb and than I can be fine for hours and feel absolutely nothing and other times I’ll smoke I can freak myself out when my mind wonders and will have a psychotic episode

  15. Valerian (1000MG) 10 minutes before smoking cannabis is a magnificent high. has anyone ever tried this? It's fantastic for creativity, such as playing or creating music. And no, it doesn't put one to sleep. Just that, paranoia nonexistence. Canada = legal and experienced.

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