Why I don't smoke weed but love stoners – Stand Up Comedy by Kenny Sebastian

In his latest clip from his brand new special, Kenny talks about his constant life-affair with stoner’s. Even though no one believes him that he doesn’t smoke weed …


  1. I watched this vedieo when I was not a Stoner. I watched it again when I became a Stoner. Trust me on this I had a great laugh this time and yes Nainital stuff is the best one to smoke out🖤

  2. Bro it is not good for us we all know that
    It's just a thing for chill out
    Some people like food
    Some people like sex
    Some people liquor
    Some people like dress etc …
    Just like that
    Each and every hobby have -ve and +ve

  3. You are a real gem of a observer… No wonder every joke of yours has reality to it, it's not just laughing coz its funny but the realistic way you present it. Your Mom must be really proud of you. All the best and never get stoned 😂

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