Why Weed Isn’t a Gateway Drug – Sean Patton – Stand-Up Featuring

Sean Patton explains why marijuana won’t lead to worse decisions and speculates why surgeons listen to Korn during operations. (Contains strong language.)


  1. The "80% chance" thing sounds like me, or pretty close. I've always said weed is like reverse Russian roulette, where I have about a 1-out-of-6 chance of having a happy and comfortable high; all the rest are sheer anxiety.

  2. Weed was a gateway drug for me because It introduced me in to the culture and teatched me to buy drugs, but sure some people can only weed and never get In to harder drugs.
    Also for people who says weed isnt addictive Ill have to say that you can get addicted to weed, keep smoking everyday and you will see…
    In my opinion people either see weed too negatively or too positively and it isnt either, weed has its negative side but it sure aint as bad people say it is.

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