Willie Nelson Is "Chief Tester" at His Weed Company

Willie Nelson chats with Jimmy about his Outlaw Music Festival Tour, his crucial role at his cannabis company, Willie’s Reserve, and why he dedicated Ride Me …


  1. My man, Willie! My long haired friend turns 66 tomorrow and he bought himself a Les Paul for his Birthday…He's only recently picked up the guitar after …a long time…and He said …"I got No Dam Rhythm!" I said.. just get some good weed and let go…and then I said… I bet Willie and His friends could recommend a great "pickin" weed…strummin "weed"… Jammin "weed" …so here I am as…A Subscriber…A Fan ..A Friend… A poor musician and fellow 420nian … What Kind O Weed Does He Need?! 😁🀐😎 Rock on friends!

  2. And he's quit let this be an example even one of the people most synonymous with weed has quit because it fucked his lungs I mean look at him here he can barely breathe and that's what all you dumbasses smoking joints every day will be like and guess what you'll regret it.

  3. I didnt have any money 1 christmas so i gave someone my willie nelson c.d it was worth so much more than money thank god we had willie nelson and we get to keep his music for the rest of our lives which is pretty cool to

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