1. No till to save moisture like you do. Because of weed resistance to herbicides we sometimes run 42" sweeps that require 1/2 gallon of fuel per acre. We rotate corn or cotton with the sorghum on non irrigated. For us wheat requires too much water for each bushel produced. Less tillage translates into capturing more moisture for the crop in many ways. Another thing is to have the nutrients at a good level so the crops require less water…plants seem to use water sometimes trying to pull in deficient nutrients.

  2. Good to hear you got good rain it stopped raining mid April here after 7 months of wet weather and now crops are desperate for rain if you get any spare send it our way midlands UK. good to see what you up to many thanks

  3. Hi good video, we started growing (canola) oilseed rape on our farm in the UK in 1974 still growing it, really good to help the following crop of wheat due to the amount of nitrogen used while its growing,setting nitrogen nodules increasing yields for the wheat substantially.

  4. We tore the u-bolts off the rearend of our old ih floater a few times burying it in mud spraying. Truck wouldn’t give up, but the u-bolts would. That always made for a bad day.

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