1. Here's the thing. If anyone, ANYONE, whether that be Senators, or the President himself, votes no on this bill, they can kiss their political careers goodbye. 2/3 Americans, literally 60-70%, support legalizing marijuana.

  2. I wonder if the whole 'people making those homemade THC carts that have been killing people and changing the vaping laws' ordeal had any influence in their decision to nudge this into action?

  3. But what if they wanted to sell spliffs? I do agree with you, that big tobacco should stay out. There will have to be some sort of federal regulations for weed, just like how there are for a lot of stuff. The only way we can make our voices heard is with our wallets and our votes.

  4. that's sick Canada charges people who don't buy from the stores still other then that weed is legal now I buy from the store here. it's more expensive now though so watch out for that. also they busted people for putting fentanyl in weed which kills people they get charged in Canada hopefully you guys do the same thing.

  5. I’m living in a legal state so def don’t know how I feel about federal cause they’d prob put tons of regulations that I don’t have rn, but at the same time people in non legal states gotta blaze w/o getting in trouble too so idk

  6. Legalization is great but here in Canada it caused enormous issues and problems. I still buy mine from mail order marijuana websites which are easily accessible here. But beware…..you will see that issues from legalization will arise for the common user. But it's a positive, it needs to be legalized.

  7. Keep cigarette companies away from weed. I would own a beer company and sell to people because they know it’s harmful but at least it gets you drunk lol maybe I’m a bad person. I wouldn’t own a cigarette company. So I can’t attack a company with possibly the same morals as me like Budweiser

  8. This is great, the federal government should force all states to legalize it, but have every state regulate it the way that state wants it regulated.
    If big tobacco start having a monopoly on weed I'm only trusting home grown only then. Lmao.

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