🤔What Are The Most Common Health Benefits Of Marijuana?

Marijuana can be beneficial for all types of things, but what are the most common health benefits of marijuana? In this video I will show you all the ways that …


  1. I live in the UK, it’s illegal lmao. I have PTSD, Antisocial personality disorder and Psychosis, do my cognitive abilities aren’t great, however cannabis slows my brain down and relaxes me to be rational and improves my cognitive abilities as I had the mental illness before use of the cannabis which is the difference.

  2. Hey is there a regular upload schedule yet? I'm not getting updates on your videos anymore… Thanks YouTube algorithm. All I watch are weed videos/documentary type things. I would think this would be highly suggested because of the content.

    Hope to see another one soon. Have a good one

  3. What should really happen in society is to legalize every drug to do research on them because we lack a ton of research on drugs due to just making them illegal so we don't know what is really good or bad

  4. I've said this before, but cannabis helps my chronic pain as well as mental with depression and c-ptsd. (officially diagnosed). I have found about CBD, that tinctures don't help me very well, I don't know why, maybe it's not a high enough dose (and the higher dosed tinctures are expensive) however, CBD flower and concentrates seem to relieve me a lot better than tinctures. THC can do a better job, but I think it's important to have both in your system. And to take a break from THC once in a while so it can continue to work.

  5. Hey buddy! I'm so happy your putting out videos on the regular again! 🙂 liked and shared. Also I think it's so crazy too that it's still a schedule 1. They will eventually Legalize It I think they're just stalling because it of big Pharma they would be losing so much money. Have you heard of a herb called kratom? It's been helping people get off hardcore opiates and is for chronic pain and has other medical uses. It's pretty safe. Theirs a documentary called "A leaf of faith" on netflix. I think you would find this plant interesting if you haven't heard about it already ..peace brother!

  6. Chronic Pain Her,Back Surgery,Hip Surgery,and 2 Foot Surgeries In The Last 5 Years.,My Doc Recommended Medical Weed For Me,After We Found 7 Ulcers Because If Ibuprofen

  7. You remind me of Adam Sandler in the movie Hot Girls. 😂🤣
    Any who I used to use weed and it was great, but then I quit for about 10 yrs. Now I'm trying to use it again for chronic pain, PTSD and anxiety. The problem I have now is I don't get the same affects I used to get. Now I get real paranoid, anxious and depressed. What's your thoughts on this? Do you have any suggestions? I really don't understand why something I used to enjoy so much has such a different affect on me now.

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