2019 Cannabis Greenhouse Grow #9 Week 9

Today we take a look at shaping a cannabis plant to ensure that we will be successful knowledge is power and it helps to get lots of buds happy growing.


  1. You are a Great teacher, The best teacher i have ever came across in my 18 years of living, Not much but seems really insane to me. I learned so much from you and it was so clear Thank you very much, I Grow tomatos, Cucumbers, All sorts of Vegetables and Fruits here in the UK, I Recently got a crazy setup for growing indoors, I have a greenhouse attached onto the side of my Outbuilding and the Outbuilding is well enough to take the indoor tent, so i ahve big aspirations as of next season ( tomato season ) I hope We get legalisation here soon would really speed up my process πŸ˜‰ thanks for all the help Brother and happy growing

  2. Hello my friend great video it was very informative the garden is really coming on nicely thank you for sharing the awesome videos buddy, hippie jimmy ✌️✌️,, btw gonna try and get a update video on here this week thx πŸ‘

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