2019 Monster Energy Cup Highlights

This year’s 2019 Monster Energy Cup featured one of the most innovative track designs ever seen in Supercross. Check out the best Supercross riders in the …


  1. I would have gladly paid Ralph Shaheen a million bucks to shut the fuck up about the million bucks. AND the forced/false drama of the joker lane. Keep it up, Monster, and you will see declines like Nascar.

  2. The best supercross racers didnt even show up? Vince Friese? Malcolm Stewart.? The dregs of Supercross giving the monster energy dudes a run for their money? Pretty lame to me

  3. This comment is for all those delusional fans who cannot see the short comings of unworthy title holders.i.e. Weeb. Things he cannot do well, 1 cannot do well on any other 450 except KTM. 2 cannot ride whoops 3. Cannot ride outdoors. I'm sure if one looks closer can find a few more. Riders who are visually faster, ET, AC, MS,
    MM, JOEY, ZO, ANDERSON, BAM and by the looks, maybe even Vince Freeze.

  4. Did Tomac go tell AC he owed him a Percentage for " Letting Him WIN !! " PROBABLY…but he didn't give JS#17 even a THANKS …or watch his BACK come Resigning TIME!!….. Entitled??? Or just a JERK??

  5. Anyone else notice after Main 3 when Adam crosses the finish line and him and tomac go around the next corner to stop on the triple, Tomac doesn’t really give him any respect at all, what a sore loser.

  6. AC is new to the 450 but he is no rookie. Could this team be unstoppable this SC year? Tomac your the best! Gaiser did good too but Tomac past him twice in second moto after his wreck. Its going to be a great SC series and I can't wait for January. Going to get our Denver and Salt Lake tickets asap!

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