400: How To Wake Up Less At Night, Should You Eat Carbs & Fat Together In The Same Meal?, The Lates

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  1. Please do yourself a favor and take a Cipro, Z-pack, Doxy, etc. Giardia is most likely not going away with your brewed concoction and will only snowball until you've done the damage and need to take a handful of antibiotics anyway. Double whammy. Take it from someone who lives in Asia most the year (the dirty part) and learned the hard way more than I can count. That concoction you made, might be doing just as much damage as a round of ABs. Think about it, whatever you put in there is mostly bacteria killers. How do you know they are only killing the bad bacteria? Even if your symptoms subside, it doesn't mean it's gone too. I can appreciate your experiment., but if it's not gone in a week or two, please take a couple Cipros or Azithros and call it day. Peace of mind that it's actually gone too and not lingering for round two… Risk to reward as always. Either way, best of luck.

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