1. Lol I have a problem still with expecting perfect results on my 3rd grow and I’ve done awesome lol but there’s always that thought in my head “ next time will be perfect “ lol

  2. Good shit dude, subbed …I actually just got some fox farm that I’m gunna mix with some promix for some auto Lowryder….any suggestions? First time using fox farm

  3. I notice not many people mention Co2 needs in a lot of videos…I have a 20lb tank what do you think twice a day lights on light off times? for a little Co2 trickle over the top? my friend has a 50lb tank he would just turn it on real low and trickle a little Co2 all over the top of the ladies….as well I saw a guy who mentioned the same thing about run off and build up in the soil…he said its a good idea to PH your water test PPM then add nutrients PH PPM again…then wait at least 24 hours to see how it changes…he showed how his PH would go from 5.6 to 6.1 in about 36-48 hours..he was using coco pearlite soilless mix…so a little lower PH then soil…I thought that was helpful…since if you PH to close to the high range it might climb out of the range you want it to be…as well different nutrients absorb better at different Ph levels…or so he was saying….I thought that was also helpful to try to prevent lock out…like I said on the other video I have some experience…just doing refresher courses…I know there are always problems but I want to make sure I remember all the little things…I want to get quality results the first run….after that I can sit back and enjoy my medication and run a variety of different experiments…

  4. Hi thank you for your video I've written two long messages but they have been deleted. I'm in the suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which has made me a fulltime wheelchair In on Facebook so please get in touch I could do with some organic ph adjuser Christopher Hobday thank and all the best

  5. Thanks for this. Very informative bro! Happy new year to you and enjoy the day. Girls lookin good and healthy. Been growing for years but thus was still pleasant to watch. How's that 7 ton press working for you?

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